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Dr. Rahul T.M   

Assistant Professor
Department of Civil Engineering

(Sustainable Mobility Planning & Data Analytics lab - Convener)
Indian Institute of Technology Ropar
Rupnagar, Punjab, India, 140001
Phone (Office) : +91 1881 232121
E-mail :-

Transportation Systems Engineering 

(IIT Ropar)

Latest updates

  • Our paper "A risk minimization based approach for planning evacuation trip distribution" has been published in International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (

  • Our paper "Extending the scope of discrete choice frameworks with latent variables to manage missing data" has been accepted for presentation in the International Choice Modelling Conference (ICMC 2024), Chile.

  • Check out the paper "Long-term impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on travel behaviour" published in Travel Behaviour and Society (

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